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Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village

Hasta Shilpa or hand-carved art is an apt name as the founder, single-handedly, has come up with this Hasta Shilpa Heritage village in Manipal. Literally, it is the hands of Vijayanath Shenoy that has shaped this mecca of heritage in a single space. He took it upon himself as a personal crusade to reinstate the rich heritage of the state.

It goes unsaid that architecture is an integral part of a country’s history and prominence lie in its heritage. In simple terms, it speaks of the past glory through the heritage. It has painstakingly assembled rich culture, be it cuisine, customs, arts and of course, architecture.

Founders’ Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini visited Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village, Manipal. This is ongoing progression for promoting Art and Culture, while sustaining the historical conservation of Architecture.

SGMF, in its own humble way, helps keep the rich heritage alive. SGMF has provided Eco-friendly transportation buggies for the use of visitors. SGMF also provides financial assistance to help upkeep the place.

The foundation is constantly making an effort to propagate and spread awareness of the Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village in several forums.

Protecting the Asian Elephant

MSKK is actively engaged in supporting and protecting the Asian elephant, an endangered species whose numbers have dropped by a whopping 90% in the last 100 years. The NGO Elephant Family supports over 160 field projects across the world and they launched a public art event — Elephant Parade — in Mumbai in February 2018. The event was aimed to generate funds to secure elephant corridors across India. It witnessed 101 sculptures of richly painted elephants from leading designers which were auctioned to raise funds. MSKK bid for the artefact Elephant Rukmini in the paddled auction. A splendid creation with acrylic paints, colour stones and varnish by Vinita Chaitanya, Elephant Rukmini is a stunning royal blue, adorned with beautiful temple jewellery.

SGMF’s slice of history at Shravanabelagola

Shravanabelagola is one of the most prominent Jain pilgrimage centres located some 145 kms from Bengaluru. The small town houses the world’s tallest, 57-foot-high monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali.

The highlight of the town is the Mahamastakabhisheka that happens every 12 years. It’s a ten-day long festival that has put the town on the world map and this year’s event held between February 17-26 is reported to have attracted a global audience of around staggering 4 million.

The unique feature of this year’s Mahamastakabhisheka was an art festival on the sidelines of the grand event. The Sandeep and Gitanjali Maini Foundation (SGMF), sponsored a cause dear to it: art.

SGMF has been fostering promotion of art and culture in multiple platforms. True to our philosophy this grand event juxtaposes heritage and art seamlessly and endorses the spirit of Indian culture.

Celebrating with our extended family

Family & Staff Children Celebrate Sankaranthi 2018 together.

Sponsoring India's Future Athletes

Supporting an Indian Taekwondo Bronze medalist who has been invited to Mongolia for Asian Championships. His father is a painter.

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